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Travel with me

We found something called stockholm boat tours

We want to travel the world for some time. One of my friends is out in the world travelling and having a great time and I thought why not? I have always been interested in different cultures, food and seeing something other that the street I grew up in. Not all have this constant feeling of wanting to see all there is to see. But I feel kind of blessed in some way. Anyhow the reason why I started this blog is because of my upcoming travels with my partner. On this ...

The Pie Parlour

The nice teddy bear girl Barabara Ann was played with a lot. With her adorable looks, of course she had an admirer. He was named Barty and wore a checkered scarf in blue and green. Needless to say it took a man with style and grace to be a worthy suitor for a girl like Barabara Ann. In my daughter's collection were also two American stuffed animal girls with plenty of attitude, namely Berrylyn and Berry Sue. They had their own pie parlour in our living room, where they served the most delicious homemade treats. The beautiful restaurant front had ...

Running a hotel

If you're running a hotel and you want too keep everything organised you need a software that can help you with that. You need a hotel reservation system. With that software you can easily access all you customers information and make sure that everything is in place. I know this since I used to run a hotel back in the days. It was a fine hotel and I had many customers. But I decided to move on. I didn't think that it was my kind of work to run a hotel. But it was fun!