Travel with me

We found something called stockholm boat tours

We want to travel the world for some time. One of my friends is out in the world travelling and having a great time and I thought why not? I have always been interested in different cultures, food and seeing something other that the street I grew up in. Not all have this constant feeling of wanting to see all there is to see. But I feel kind of blessed in some way. Anyhow the reason why I started this blog is because of my upcoming travels with my partner. On this blog I am going to document everything we see, do and taste. 

We found out that you can tour around stockholm city in a boat and thats the first thing we are going to do.  We are not starting with all those tropical countries. I don't know but I think that if you get used to much to all the sun and beaches the bigger cities and colder climates gets harder to get used to. Yes I am from Norway and it is cold for half the year, and after my travels I'd like to come back here, but I don't want to start of my travels sunny. I really want to appreciate the sun when I'm there and feel grateful of the kind of weather we have here when I'm actually here. 

I think that this is it for now. The next time I'll write is when we are in sweden I think. I might update you along the way, when we are driving to stockholm. Anyway I hope that you'll follow me and my partner on our travels around the world, and that you might get inspired to do something similar when you get a chance to do so.